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Provide more for your clients with a deep analysis of prospective candidates.
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  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Language: English     
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Course Description

A half day masterclass workshop focused on how to conduct employee interviews, grievance and misconduct meetings and appraisals. The course explores the planning and preparation, interviewing and questioning styles, and the ability to elicit correct information.

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Who this course is for
Designed for HR managers and above, along with hiring managers looking to enhance their ability to make those right hiring decisions. 
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HK$1895 with optional add-on of HK$1000 for two additional scenario based role plays.

Interviewing can be complex however there is an art to unlock the information you require!

Taken from the principles that originated from the Police in England and Wales of how to interview victims, witness and suspects - Behavioural Cues have advanced Interviewing techniques to combine this framework of investigative interviewing coupled with the use of behavioural indicators.

In the 1992 through a collaboration with law enforcement, leading psychologists including Professor Ray Bull, and other academics being Professor John Baldwin developed the P.E.A.C.E model and introduced this into police interviewing methods.

Some of the topics we will cover in the Workshop: 

  • Adopting a structured interviewing technique;
  • Creating an interview or fact-finding plan / process / methodology based upon specific objectives
  • Setting the scene for the interview within a baseline environment to enable effective questioning and conversation management
  • Exploring the types of questions and when to use them
  • Identifying the behavioural indicators or cues that people display under stress
  • Connecting interviewing questions and the behavioural indicators or cues displayed   
  • Obtaining an accurate account of the facts through clarifying and challenging inconsistencies
  • Completing a summary account or record of the interview/meeting

Application within the workplace

  • Recruitment interviewing for a new position
  • An employee appraisal meeting
  • A grievance meeting, taking an account from the person reporting
  • A discipline meeting with a person suspected of misconduct.

To date we have delivered our interviewing training and workshops to the following selection of clients:

  • Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Hong Kong
  • Tanner De Witt- Hong Kong Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Dignity Institute Hong Kong with attendees from Patricia Ho & Associates and RUN Hong Kong
  • ASIS international Chapter Hong Kong (Attendees)
  • British Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) (Attendees)
  • Law Enforcement & Government Agencies Internationally

James Ellender

James Ellender founded Behavioural Cues after years of practicing and conducting research into aspects of Behavioural Science through his work in covert operations and investigations whilst as a detective in law enforcement. Since 2012 he has been assisting international governments, multi-national organisations and individuals in their capacity building of how to assess indicators and subsequent actions persons display when they are under some level of stress.

James has recently written his dissertation, as part of his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management on “Do Behavioural Detection Trained Operatives reduce the risk of Terrorist Attacks in Public Spaces?” Behavioural Detection Techniques and Counter-Terrorism strategies is an area of academic study, working as an advocate of and as a trainer that he holds a personal passion and drive for, in order to advance capabilities, and promote the use of these tactics in soft target and vulnerable locations.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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