Mastering the Interview to Secure Your Next Role

A deep dive into how you perform under pressure, and how to navigate through the interview to secure your ideal role.

Experienced Hires
Being best prepared to step into your next role.
Graduates/New Qualified
Essential skills to enable you to represent yourself as the ideal candidate.
All Levels
Extend your capabilities and rise above competition in your market space. 
  • Type: Online/In-person
  • Delivery: Zoom
  • Unlimited Students
  • Duration: 3 hours 
  • Language: English
  • Level: All 
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Course Description
This 3 hour one-to-one session is designed for candidates who wish to get their next role with ease. We explore how to plan and prepare for your interview, how to relieve elevations of stress before and during interviews, understand the way interview questions are crafted, and identify your own and the interviewers behavioural indicators.

A blended theory and practical role-play scenario to improve your communication and interviewee skills. You are provided with written feedback including a full behavioural assessment conducted through LVA technology.
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Who this course is for
Any one wishing to dramatically increase their success in any type of job interview.
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Failing at job interviews is down to planning!

There are many reasons why you may fail a job interview however at Behavioural Cues we have identified the primary and fundamental reason is planning. An example being If you are a planning a long road trip to a new destination- Imagine if you fail to plan the route, the time it takes, what you need along the way and any of the problems you could encounter during the journey, it is probably more luck than judgement that you get there on time and without stress. The same is for a new job interview. 

Rapport and build trust, body language, appearance, mindset, knowledge of the business and role, the ability to articulate and answer a question concisely, inconsistencies in answers and much much more can create doubt in a future employers mind.

Let us help you unpick the process, practice your interviewing skills and prepare you best for that next interview.

Some of the topics we will cover in your one-to-one session: 

  • Research and Planning for the interview
  • Resume versus Job Description
  • Human behaviour, stress and behavioural indicators
  • The ‘Mindset Warm-up’ and rapport building
  • The types of questions you will be asked, and how to answer them using the *STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result)
  • Questions you need to ask

What makes our course different

A mock interview will be conducted whereby we assess your: responses to the questions asked, behavioural indicators displayed, engagement with the interviewer, and the genuine emotional responses during the interview. We use Layered Voice Analysis during the process to understand if your verbal responses are your genuine emotional response. i.e. do you really believe what you are saying

To date we have delivered our interviewing training and workshops to the following selection of clients:

  • Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Hong Kong
  • Tanner De Witt- Hong Kong Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Dignity Institute Hong Kong with attendees from Patricia Ho & Associates and RUN Hong Kong
  • ASIS international Chapter Hong Kong (Attendees)
  • British Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) (Attendees)
  • Law Enforcement & Government Agencies Internationally

James Ellender

James Ellender founded Behavioural Cues after years of practicing and conducting research into aspects of Behavioural Science through his work in covert operations and investigations whilst as a detective in law enforcement. Since 2012 he has been assisting international governments, multi-national organisations and individuals in their capacity building of how to assess indicators and subsequent actions persons display when they are under some level of stress.

James has recently written his dissertation, as part of his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management on “Do Behavioural Detection Trained Operatives reduce the risk of Terrorist Attacks in Public Spaces?” Behavioural Detection Techniques and Counter-Terrorism strategies is an area of academic study, working as an advocate of and as a trainer that he holds a personal passion and drive for, in order to advance capabilities, and promote the use of these tactics in soft target and vulnerable locations.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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