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Leadership course in winning new business

Negotiate better outcomes within the business as well as with its leading clients.
Essential skills in bringing new customers to the business.  
Sales Manager
Extend your capabilities and rise above competition in your market space. 
  • Type: Online             
  • Delivery: Zoom           
  • Unlimited Students 
  • Duration: 3 hours  
  • Language: English    
  • Level: Intermediate         
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Course Description
A workshop masterclass in identifying the barriers or apprehensions potential clients or customers have, then navigating those road blocks utilising a behavioural science framework in harmony with modern sales techniques. 
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Who this course is for
Designed for business developers, sales directors and rainmakers who wish to understand the barriers they face in winning new business and enhance their subsequent success to achieve better results.
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HK$1895 for 3 hours masterclass workshop. Optional add-on of HK$1000 for two additional scenario based role plays.

The "Rainmaker" art of behavioural indicators.

In 2017 we were asked to look inside a multi-national organisation and help them decipher “why at times they lost contracts to their competitors?” We quickly established that some of their ‘Rainmakers’ or Partners were failing to identify the barriers or apprehensions the potential client had. 

Utilising Behavioural Indicators and Cues during client meetings can offer you a hugely competitive edge to enable you to win new business. Behavioural detection or utilising behavioural cues has been around since the late 1960’s, and is considered a tried and tested method in its ability to establish information quickly from someone during a meeting, interview or encounter. 

Our practical training sessions and workshop enables participants to understand:

  • Decision making (model) whilst under elevations of stress
  • The psychological and planning approach for preparing for client meetings
  • Increasing situational awareness to adapt conversation style for the audience or client
  • Rapport building techniques
  • Detect and interpret micro-behavioural cues during client meetings
  • A structured fact-finding methodology and correct use of questions to establish client requirements
  • Connecting micro-behavioural cues to triggers or stimuli
  • Structure a client problem profile (the problem you are trying to solve for the client)
  • Elicitation Techniques - how you can use them and how they can be used against you.

James Ellender

James Ellender founded Behavioural Cues after years of practicing and conducting research into aspects of Behavioural Science through his work in covert operations and investigations whilst as a detective in law enforcement. Since 2012 he has been assisting international governments, multi-national organisations and individuals in their capacity building of how to assess indicators and subsequent actions persons display when they are under some level of stress.

James has recently written his dissertation, as part of his MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management on “Do Behavioural Detection Trained Operatives reduce the risk of Terrorist Attacks in Public Spaces?” Behavioural Detection Techniques and Counter-Terrorism strategies is an area of academic study, working as an advocate of and as a trainer that he holds a personal passion and drive for, in order to advance capabilities, and promote the use of these tactics in soft target and vulnerable locations.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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