By combining our technology & training with our advance consulting, we cut through the noise - helping our clients gather new insights into their businesses like they have never had before.

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Our Insight Solutions

Protection Security & Screening


Screening & Vetting

Advanced employee and candidate screening and vetting for organisations.

Background Checks

Official records, social, deep, dark and surface web checks to discover any risk areas of an employee you are about to recruit.

Genuine Emotional Cultural Reflection

Gather a deep level of understanding of the true culture perceived by the organisation and employees. 

Bottom-up Risk Projection

An early warning assessment on the potential & perceived threats to your business from those closest to it - your staff.

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology monitors the uncontrolled parameters of the human voice that emerge when a person speaks

This genuine emotion detection technology identifies 151 micro markers when words are spoken.
It doesn’t matter how you speak (whether you are acting angry or calm) or what language you speak in - this technology is language agnostic and is indifferent to any expressed tonality.

The technology only monitors how you genuinely feel in a certain situation.

LVA identifies the unique patterns in the human voice, patterns that we as persons have a difficulty to identify on our own. Our technology partner Nemesysco has conducted more than 25 years of research which has lead to identifying and correlating  these key human emotions across multiple languages to show us what the other side really feels.
mental Effort

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Insight

Behavioural Cues insight solutions focuses on providing awareness to clients  to help make better decisions and influence outcomes or situations by interpreting the behavioural indicators and cues we display as humans.

Behavioural science is a complex discipline however at Behavioural Cues we assist our clients by developing leadership skills, understanding organisational behaviour, advance interviewing techniques and protective security tactics through the correct interpretation of Human Behavioural Indicators.

Interpreting Behavioural Indicators in certain areas of your work will without a doubt assist an organisation and individuals in establishing the facts of event or situation quicker, which in turn aids far more efficient and precise decision-making.

55/38/7 Formula- Non-Verbal and Vocal Communication

"According to research, face-to-face communication is conveyed with 55% non-verbal, 38% vocal, and only 7% words in the words spoken" - Albert Mehrabian, Prof. Psychology and a researcher of body language

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