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Critical decisions start by using a better emotional map. 

We enable leaders to cut through the noise, establish and validate the facts, assume a macro viewpoint, then under pressure ensure their decisions are - timely, based on the strongest options, and have considered all the alternatives.
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Our Insight Solutions combine advance consulting with our unique LVA technology solutions.

We support this process with in-depth training courses.

Our aim is to build a true awareness of your business from the "insight" out - so you can move forward confidently with your critical decisions as its leader.

We support this with training that empowers and develops behavioural skillsets that influence externally & internally.  

These Insight Solutions are customised to each client's needs and can be engaged as a whole program for maximum benefit or individually for focused effect. 

Genuine Emotional Cultural Reflection Assessment

When organisations perform surveys or create assessments of their workforce it is common that the respondents will say what they feel the organisation wants to hear.
Organisational culture is the foundation of every company and influences the behaviour of the employees. This in turn can have a huge impact on the quality of work and success of the company. When company and employee values are aligned and consistent this creates a robust organisational culture.

It is suggested that a high proportion (more than 70%) of crises emanate from counterculture behaviours. An example includes the inability or fear to speak up and act when you see something is wrong or appears a risk to the organisation. That silence could allow a threat to incubate into a crisis which in-turn erodes trust and causes significant financial exposure or loss to the organisation.

Values-based decision making is one integral element in order to make critical decisions in an informed and timely manner. Therefore these decisions you are making are aligned to the company values.
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Behavioural Cues have developed the Genuine Emotional Cultural Reflection Assessment which asks each respondent to complete a 15-20 minute vocal survey. The assessments focuses on 3-4 specific topics which consists of a series of questions on Organisational Culture, Company Values, Employee Behaviours and could also incorporate Risk Perception.
Using Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Technology the Genuine Emotional Responses to the questions asked are collated to truly establish if the vocal responses are what the participant actually believed.
  • Free from human bias
  • Does not rely on self-reporting
  • Entire workforce can be assessed
  • High accuracy in the results data
  • Supports strategy and cultural change
  • Provides the true emotional responses to the question asked

The Report



Geographical location, tenure, position and business unit specific analysis to assist which areas of the business may need realignment of the culture to the core values.


Trends and patterns in how the respondents engage with certain organisational values and cultural behaviours.


Coloured coded summary with a data segmentation matrix thats easy to understanding.
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The most comprehensive early warning system available to assess the true threats & risks within your organisation.

Bottom-Up Risk Projection Assessment

Through a set questions focused on risk each participant is asked what they feel is the greatest threat to the organisation and their reasons why. Using Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) Technology those responses are collated to identify trends specific to business areas, geographical locations and departments.

If the entire workforce of an organisation is assessed you will identify 100% of the perceived risks and threats within your organisation.

The Report

The responses are cross referenced against the results of the Genuine Emotional Cultural Reflection Assessment to establish if the risk and threats correlate to the culture and values in specific business areas.

These insights are invaluable to any organisation as you have now been able to establish what your workforce genuinely feels about the culture, the values of the organisation and them as employees, underlaying behaviours, the real & apparent risks that exist within.

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Suitable for all Organisations & Sizes

Our Insight solutions are scalable and available in different configurations, designed to support any size and type of organisation: From SMEs to multi-national enterprises. It can be conducted remotely or on-site in person. 
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain 
  • Finance Insituations
  • Start Ups & SMEs
  • Venture Capitalist Firms
  • Large Corporates 
  • Network chains

Insight Solutions can be Delivered in Three Ways..

Remote Mode

Structured interviews over the phone/VoIP, assisted by a phone operator.

Interactive Post

Automated interviewing procedure in a Human-PC interaction.

Web Conference

Using 3rd party conferencing web services.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Technology


LVA technology is based on a proprietary set of vocal parameters found, through field & academic research, to correlate with key human emotions and in various combinations to be able to identify deceptive intentions in “real life” scenarios. These vocal parameters were identified from a large repository of audio files captured in different languages and a numerous life situations, from police interrogations, through contact centers to controlled experiments. Many of the parameters the technology users are new to the world of phonetics, and focus on the uncontrolled and, as yet, phonetically unexplained properties of the human voice.
LVA is a security-level technology designed to serve professional investigators in their line of work, by providing indications that further directs the investigation procedure to the relevant path. LVA analysis can be performed in real-time (using a microphone or on a telephone conversation) as well as offline on previously recorded material. HR-I system is using the LVA technology in a highly controlled manner using scripted conversations, which enables the system to “understand” what emotional reactions are expected in each part of the call (as well as which emotional reactions are not).


HR-I is a professional voice analysis tool designed to meet the needs of organisations of any size in need for proper vetting and pre-employment veracity tests, as well as “Honesty maintenance” programs and periodical security evaluations.


Professionals in the field of Truth Verification know there is no such thing as a real "Lie Detector", as lying is not associated with a single specific mental state, and human reactions are highly dependent on the test context. HR-I is an emotion detector, identifying reactions in the tested party’s voice in response to pre-scripted carefully designed sets of questionnaires. Its output, the “Risk Level” detected per topic, is calculated based on plurality of indications surrounding the specific topic, which makes it stand out from the rest of the test. Such unique and intensive reactions typically indicate a problem that should be further explored by the interviewer.


No. HR-I is a fully automated tool from the test initiation to the generation of the reports, and can be used by almost anyone with a basic understanding of human behavior and minimal computer skills. With that said, naturally, amateur use is more susceptible to analysis errors.


Yes you can. Contact us for unique offers for service providers.


Yes,HR-I systems can be configured to support almost any need you may have. In case of file transition, all relevant files (audio and results) are zipped, encrypted and sent via your own FTP account to their destination


HR-I is an excellent decision-support tool, and in combination with your own judgment and common sense, can be of great assistance. However, like any automated system, it is not 100% accurate all the time, and errors may and will occur from time to time due to various circumstances, such as sudden background noises during the test, impaired hardware, and unique mental states of the tested party or other errors. Therefore, it is important that you do NOT reach a decision based solely on the HR-I report. Use HR-I to identify problematic issues in a conversation that may need further exploration or clarification via other means.


HR-I accuracy is dependent upon several factors:
First and foremost, the emotional involvement and jeopardy of the tested party with regard to what is being analysed.
Jokes and lies of minimal involvement will produce a very limited emotional reaction, and the calculation of risk will rarely show indications on such jokes.
The quality of the input and signal to noise ratio. High noise levels, bad phone connection, too low or too high input volumes (beyond the sound card's ability to record) will produce erroneous results.
The test settings and possible uncontrolled interferences or environmental distractions.
"Border line" personality issues or clinical conditions of the tested party may cause strange or inaccurate results.
Essentially, if the quality of the voice is reasonably good and the operation and preparation is proper, the emotional analysis component will be extremely accurate. If the intention to deceive or conceal the truth is genuine and poses jeopardy on the tested party, then the Risk Calculations will also be very accurate.


No. LVA technology does not interpret the words that are spoken. Rather, it looks for unique anomalies in the vocal waveform of the person speaking. These anomalies are caused by the brain as a response to a "Stimuli" (emotions and stress) that are experienced when a person knowingly provides false information. These phenomena occur regardless of the language or dialect spoken. You may find that individuals from different cultures may show more or less excitement or stress in certain situations. However, internal reactions associated with honesty and deception are universally the same.


HR-I generates a test file for each test conducted, containing risk analysis for each topic, and question. Several additional emotional reports are generated and exposed to the more professional LVA-i users, and can assist with emotional profiling, stress measurements, and even the suitability of certain candidates to perform different types of jobs.


Yes, but with guidance. HR-I questionnaires must be carefully designed to meet their goals. Please contact our team to learn more about this option.


HR-I is currently available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Zulu, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew – and more languages are added as needed. If the language you need is not yet available, we will gladly work with you to make this version to meet your needs.
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